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Pimp Daddy Artemis




Character: Artemis
Series: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor  Moon, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
Awards won: None
First Worn: Otakon X
This costume was done after I toyed around with the idea of the fact that Artemis pimps the Sailor Senshi. XD With the help of Lialia and other great cosplayers I have met at Otakon, we did a great lil walk on to "Pimpin Ain't Easy" by Ice T.  I made the jacket from a lab coat and purchased the hat, gloves, and tie.  The cane I used was a umbrella. X'D Future plans call for a Crescent Moon Pimp Cane, cat ears and tail.  Right now, this costume is OOC, but at the request of NekoCathy, I shall bring it back at Katsucon 10.

Cosplay Photos:

Otakon X

These pictures are from my personal collection and A Fan's View.  Used with permission. ^^