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Kyosuke Kagami



Character: Kyosuke Kagami
Series: Rival Schools, Project Justice, Capcom VS SNK 2
Awards won: Two
  • Animazement 2003, Judges Choice
  • Shoujocon 2003, Third Place

First Worn: Animazement 2000

I did Kyosuke at AZ 2000.  It was horribly done.  I chucked that costume and decided not to do Kyo again.  Then I played Project Justice and I was re-inspired to do his cosplay.  With the help of Jezeroth, we made the traditional white jacket with the red lining.  It was done in Jan of 2003, but due to some slight issues, I was able to wear it at AZ 2003.  This costume was made from a modded lab coat, white uniform pants, sneakers from a store, a 3 dollar black shirt, and a belt I already had. ^^ I plan on doing a newer version of the jacket that is stiffer.  I hope to have that ready by Katsucon 10.  Future changes to this costume will be new dress whites NAVY pants and a brown belt.

Cosplay Photos:

Animazement 2003
Otakon X Shoujocon 2003 BAAF 2003

These pictures are from my personal collection, Rising Sun,, and A Fan's View.  Used with permission.