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Duo Maxwell



Character: Duo Maxwell
Series: Gundam Wing
Awards won: Two
  • Shoujocon 2001, Best Male Cosplayer
  • Shoujocon 2001, Best Bishounen

First Worn: Animazement 2001

There are 2 versions of this costume.  I retired v1 for some odd reason.  I made this as a spur of the moment when I was at Sarah and Shaun's house for a week, which was uber fun.  After about 2 more cons, I decided to retire it altogether.  But thanks to Andrea, I shall bring this costume out one more time! ^_~

Version 1 was made with a black shirt and white construction paper and version 2, I used a Chinese kung fu top. ^^ Version 2 I had a gimmick.  I walked around with a wrestling belt saying that I was the Intercontinental Champion. :p

Cosplay Photos:

Animazement 2001 Shoujocon 2001

These pictures are from my personal collection and Fly By Night Designs.  Used with permission. ^^