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Barret Wallace



Character: Barret Wallace
Series: Final Fantasy VII
Awards won: Three
  • Animazement 2003, Judges Pick
  • BAAF 2003, Best Group- Novice
  • Shoujocon 2003, 3rd Place Staff

First Worn: Anime Boston 2003

This costume was for an Animazement FF7 skit that never happened.  By that time, I already enlisted the help of Oshi and Lialia for a follow up to my "Got Pocky" skit.  This costume was also quite easy to make, except for the gunarm.  The waist was made from strips of cardboard and duct tape.  The glove part was from an old winter glove, cardboard, and duct tape.  The gunarm is made from pure PVC piping.  I'll post a pic of that later. ^^ Changies include new gloves and denim jacket.

Cosplay Photos:

Anime Boston 2003 Shoujocon 2003
Animazement 2003 Anime NEXT 2003

These pictures are from my personal collection and A Fan's View.  Used with permission. ^^